Pugh CPAs

Our Expertise

It is critical for your advisors to completely understand your industry, your business, and how your business operates within your industry. Therefore, in addition to concentrating in practice areas such as audit, accounting and tax services, our professionals also have in-depth experience and advanced training in specific industries.

Our firm is committed to investing in the necessary resources for our professionals to maintain their industry expertise and many of our professionals have earned specialized, industry-specific certifications. When you work with our professionals, you can be confident that the selected team has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help you achieve your goals.

Automobile Dealerships

The automobile dealerships industry faces unique challenges. From cash flow issues to obtaining floor plan financing, our firm understands your needs and can be a part of your business team. Our extensive experience with dealerships sets us apart from other firms in our region. In addition to providing financial reporting and tax compliance, we assist our dealership clients with all apsects of their business to help ensure that their financial goals are being met.


The construction industry can be very unpredictable and is contingent upon many economic factors. With unusual business cycles and complex financing arrangements, construction companies need experienced financial advisors who understand their industry. Pugh CPAs has extensive experience in working with all sizes of general contractors, subcontractors, developers and financial institutions. We understand the environment in which you operate and can assist you with the challenges that you face on a daily basis. Our construction clients not only depend on us for financial reporting and tax compliance, but also for business advisory and consulting services to help meet their financial goals.

Financial institutions

Financial institutions operate in an increasingly regulated environment. These institutions face growing demands to manage risk, operate effectively and efficiently while satisfying the interests of their stakeholders. The challenges of the financial sector are ever-changing and complex. With more than 30 years of experience with financial institutions including firm members formerly in banking, Pugh CPAs has the ability and the background to meet your needs. Our firm has also made a commitment to require our staff who work on financial institution audits to complete the two year Banking School presented by the Tennessee Bankers Association, or its equivalent. We believe this allows our staff to gain insight into the complexity of managing a financial institution. We also have three members of our firm who have achieved the distinction of being Certified Bank Auditors as designated by the Bank Administration Institute (BAI).

Governmental Entities

As a member of the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center, our firm has made a committment to providing the highest quality services to our governmental practice. The public sector faces many challenges. From meeting demands for services to balancing budgets and funding concerns, local governments need financial advisors who understand the complexities of their industry and can help ensure strong fiscal accountability. We know the challenges you face and have helped many others successfully address them.

Government Contractors

Government Contractors face many challenges as they navigate through complex government compliance requirements and expectations throughout the process of bidding, implementing and completing projects for the Government.

Establishing and maintaining various accounting and financial systems in order to comply with countless reporting requirements is a very important principle for working with the Government. Through our offices in Oak Ridge and Knoxville, Pugh CPAs is available to help guide government contractors through numerous accounting, auditing and tax issues that arise as your business evolves and maintains lasting relationships with the various Government Departments.

Employee Benefit Plans

As a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, our firm has made a committment to providing the highest quality services to our employee benefit plan practice. We have extensive experience in working with all types and sizes of plans. Our experience enables us to understand the reporting requirements that you face which in turn allows us to help you with the process. With ever-changing regulations from DOL and ERISA and the complexity of the reporting requirements, we know the importance of staying on top of the benefit plan industry and can be there to be your advisor.

Non-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations play vital roles in our communities. The services that these organizations provide are invaluable. Pugh CPAs has extensive experience in working with not-for-profit organizations to meet their reporting requirements as well as advising them with their other financial and business needs. This experience enables us to understand the challanges that you face from your management, Board of Directors and funding sources. We assist you in effectively communicating with these stakeholders by working closely with our clients and fully understanding your needs.

Real Estate

The real estate sector is susceptible to large market fluctuations, changes in tax laws and changes in interest rates. With our experience in working with the real estate industry, we understand your business and can provide the services that you need to meet your financial goals. In addition to providing financial reporting and tax compliance, we assist our real estate clients in navigating through an every changing economy while still achieving their business objectives.


Wholesalers and retailers are faced with balancing the needs of their customers while operating effectively and efficiently. They make tough financial management decisions as the economy changes, labor and product costs rise and margins shrink. Consistent and accurate financial reporting is key to monitoring performance. This reporting can be critical for many stakeholders, including creditors, owners and governmental agencies. Our firm works with many wholesalers and retailers to meet these financial reporting and tax compliance needs. With this experience, we understand your needs and work with you to help ensure your company is staying on track.

Services to Individuals

In addition to our specialized expertise in various industries, we recognize that individuals often need accounting and tax services. Our professionals are very capable of serving those needs by specifically offering the following services to our individual clients.

• Tax Planning and Preparation

• Personal Financial Statements

• Tax Audit Representation

• Retirement Planning

• Estate Planning

• Buying/Selling a Business

• Funding College Education

• Divorce and Support Issues