An accountant, a banker and an attorney walk into a room…..yep, sounds like the beginning of a great joke, right?   Well, not so fast because it happened a few weeks ago when Pugh CPAs, Home Federal Bank and Egerton,McAfee, Armistead & Davis got together for their annual mixer.   60+ people were present and the room quickly filled with sounds of conversation, laughter and merriment.  These three pillars of our region have a long history of doing business together.   Pugh CPAs was the baby in the room in that we celebrate our 50th anniversary next year.  While we’re excited about this milestone, it seems rather insignificant when you consider Home Federal Bank is celebrating 94 years of service and Egerton McAfee is celebrating 86!  Have you already added the years in your head?   If not, that’s 229 years of doing business and serving the great folks of this region.  We can’t image doing business anywhere else and count ourselves lucky to have such wonderful friends and business associates.   So, here’s to 229 more years of continued success for this incredible East Tennessee region.

Below are some of the pictures from the evening.  Of course, our favorite is of Joe Mont McAfee and Will Pugh who started their careers about the same time and in the same building but on different floors.

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