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Pugh CPAs wants to help you get started off on the right track. You’ve declared your major, you are learning more about the practice of accounting but what all does it mean? We provide the setting for you to put your academic achievements to practical use. We engage students through our leadership conference, internships and our entry-level positions—our investment in YOU is an investment in OUR future.

We directly recruit from various colleges and universities in the region, but any student meeting the required criteria can apply through our website or Handshake for any of our opportunities. Our 2024 IMPACT Leadership Conference will be June 21. Deadline to apply:  4/5/24

Here’s a quick video from an event hosted by career development at the University of Tennessee that highlights why you should consider Pugh CPAs for your internship experience OR career:  WATCH VIDEO

Wait, there’s more! Have we mentioned that our office is BRAND NEW and super cool?  Here’s a quick read about our office upgrades and how we plan to use the space for years to come!


Leadership Conference
Entry Level Positions
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