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Construction Companies are the Foundation of Our Communities

Your financial viability is critical to our region’s economy. The construction industry literally builds our communities and employs our citizens. Challenges like razor-thin margins that can lead to cash flow issues, rising material costs, and labor shortages are just a few of the hurdles this industry faces. It’s imperative your accounting team understands your pain points and how to capitalize on your successes. Our Knoxville-based accounting firm is a long-time member of AGC-Tennessee and makes every effort to stay informed of the challenges facing this industry. We all know relationships matter when working together but so does expertise and we have a deep understanding of the accounting side of the construction industry!

Construction Industry
What can our firm do for you? Many things! Since we have navigated every transition an owner may encounter, from start-up to growth to selling ownership you can leverage our experience to meet your business goals. Do you have an accurate picture of your company’s financial health? By reviewing your financial data, we can offer reports to help you better understand your job costs, compensation models and cash flows to help you optimize performance. Our team can help you reach your goals and objectives by offering our expertise in accounting, assurance, tax and strategic planning assistance. From bonding issues, financing concerns and tax compliance to process and internal controls, let our firm assist you so you can focus on your next project.

  • Accounting, audit & assurance—are you operating efficiently or is there room for improvement?
  • Tax planning and compliance—we will ensure that you are in compliance with federal and state licensing requirements. We can assess the value of your company and research tax credits.
  • Consulting—do you need a succession plan, advice for buy/sell agreements, or review of insurance coverage? Do you know the value of your construction business? Our business valuation team can help you understand the true value of your business.

Our goal is to ensure your goals are met. That’s it!

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