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Sleep better at night when you have well-tested IT policies and procedures in place

In this rapidly changing world, are your information security policies and procedures sufficient? Who’s checking those for you? Use our resources to ensure your information systems are appropriately designed and implemented.

Our information security advisor has almost two decades of experience in risk assessment and can work with any industry to ensure your IT framework is meeting your needs. Each industry is unique with different measures of tolerance, and we can help you determine what’s right for your business. We stay up to date in this fast-paced environment to ensure our clients have the programs in place to keep your company safe.

Think of us as a partner for your internal IT department, much like how our CPA auditors are trusted advisors for your accounting team. We are here to help ensure your information is as secure as it can be.

 **NOTE:  Recently passed House Bill 2346 requires utility companies to prepare and implement a cybersecurity plan by July 1, 2023 to provide protection of the utility’s facilities from unauthorized use, alteration, ransom, or destruction for electronic data.  Not sure where to start or need a second opinion on your plan?   We’re here to help!**

  • Service Organization Controls (SOC)
  • Cybersecurity Controls Assessments
  • IT Risk Assessments
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Information Security Policy Review
  • Internal Controls
  • Vendor Management & Outsourcing
  • Regulatory Readiness
Insights and Resources

Our IT team is led by Devin Ralston and he brings extensive experience in operations and information technology experience to our firm. His role is helping clients with compliance, identity theft protection, developing policies and managing procedures including information security policy, internal controls, vendor management and business continuity management.

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