Tax Figures for 2019

Important federal tax information for 2019 as compared with 2018. Please note, some of the dollar amounts are unchanged and some have increased slightly due to inflation. As always, reach out to your Pugh CPAs advisor if you have...

Blending Art and Science to Value a Business

Is business valuation an art or a science? Years ago, this question was put to a panel of business valuation experts at a training session, and predictably there was no consensus. One noted expert said business valuation was more of a science, but he also acknowledged...

Financial Institutions Insights Sept/Oct 2015

Our September/October issue of Financial Institutions Insights has now been posted on our website.   Here’s a list of subjects covered this issue: How banks can manage vendor cybersecurity risk Financial institutions need to think about CECL now to plan...

Pugh CPAs Team Up with KARM

The 2015 Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) Dragon Boat Race is in the books.  Those in attendance experienced all types of weather!  Starting with a cool, cloudy morning to a mid-afternoon torrential downpour to scorching sun and humidity–the weather...

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